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Typical 6 day trip

Frankfurt International Airport Germany (FRA)

Travel Times and costs 30 day advance ticket purchase (Flight time, average cost, carrier and month of travel)
Frankfurt Germany from east coast (New York, NY) 7 - 8 hours average $440 February United Lufthansa
Frankfurt Germany from Midwest (Dallas Texas) 9 - 11 hours average $513 February United Lufthansa
Frankfurt Germany from west coast (Los Angeles, CA) 10 - 11 hours $471 February American Airlines/Northwest

Prices can change with 90, 30 and 14 day advance ticket purchases. Prices usually start out lower
90-30 days in advance and will then increase. If travel period is slow prices often will come down in price
the closer to the departure date. If flights are filling up prices will rise after 30 days and increase.

Sometimes airline fares will be lower when your travel period is more then 7 days, so check fares by arriving extra
days before your tour and staying a few days longer. You can also add extra days to any existing tour.
Some guests do some site seeing before or after their tour, Munich, Amsterdam are only a few hours
away via train.

Start your airfare search at andExpedia (they offer non-stops a low rates)

Best arrival and departure times
Since you'll be meeting your group and guide at noon (12:00) at the Frankfurt International Airport you'll
want to arrive at least one hour before the meeting time. You'll need time to clear passport control (10 - 40 minutes)
and time to claim your luggage in baggage claim. If you're arriving at Terminal 1 you'll also need extra time (about 10 minutes). Flights that arrive at Frankfurt Germany from 9am to 11am are best. Should you find a great fare and need to arrive later that day please contact us to make other arrangements for pick up.
The day AFTER the last day of the tour our shuttle will take the group to the airport approx 10am. Should you need to be at the airport earlier or want to sleep in (11am is check out time) you'll need to take a taxi. Cost is around 30-50 Euros Flights that depart at 12:00 noon to 2pm are best for departure times. Remember due to airport security lines and check in you should plan on arriving at the Frankfurt airport at least 2 hours prior to your departure time (if you have to check luggage). If you only have carry on luggage arrive at least 1 hour prior to departure.

1. You should have enough Euros for at least 2 days, there's a chance for an ATM stop on the second day.
You'll need at least 65 Euros entry fee and 50 Euros for each session min total 115 Euro the first day, 215 Euro is suggested. 500 Euros for the first 2 days should be more then enough. Bare in mind the first day of the 6 day tour is a Sunday which means banks will be closed. ATM's and currency exchanges at the airport are open on Sunday. ATM and bank stops are provided on day 3 and 4.

What's the best exchange rate
The Euro vs. the Dollar is constantly changing. Some guests watch yahoo currency months in advance and buy all their Euros before they depart on the trip at a US currency exchange. You also have the option of bringing dollars or travelers checks and exchanging them at a bank. Most guests have found the best rates by using their US ATM card. While some small exchange fees may apply the rates often make up for the charges. If the ATM card method works for you, make sure you contact your bank before you travel to let them know you'll be using the card outside of the US. Sometimes banks turn off cards and user access when they see foreign transactions thinking your card was stolen. It's not easy to call your bank from Germany once your there. Toll free numbers don't work and there is an 9 hour time difference.

First day of your tour
You'll meet your guide and group at 12:00 noon at the Frankfurt Germany airport. You'll visit your first club around 1-3pm. Everything is explained and translated, guides are also available to walk you thru every step. No need for food as most clubs offer buffet style meals, all you can drink beverages etc. Clubs have clean restrooms and clothing lockers to store you personal items. This means after you meet the group you can shower, shave and freshen up at the first club. You won't have access to the hotel till later that evening.

Additional days of your tour
The average day includes stops at 2 clubs, one at about 11-12 noon and another around 5-7pm. Depending what time the group gets back to the hotel the night before this will determine what time we start the next day. Usually breakfast is served between 9-10am, and a bank or internet cafe stop is possible followed by your first club stop.

Last day of you tour
On a 6 day tour you depart the group (taken back to the airport) on the day after the sixth day or day 7. 6 Day tours are in fact that, 6 days of visiting clubs.

What the club provides:
Clothes and personal item Locker
Security Locker for passport and currency
Robe (some clubs do not have them)
Showers (with soap)
Soft drinks, juices, coffee and tea (some clubs even Beer and Alcohol which some clubs charge an extra fee)
Meals which include breakfast, lunch and dinner, also snacks, cookies, fruit etc.
Private rooms
Whirlpool (Jacuzzi)
Tanning booth (extra fees apply)
Porno movies and sometimes video coverage of sporting events

What happens at a club? (Photos of the clubs HERE)
You enter the club and pay an entry fee, after which you'll be issued a locker key, towel, robe and slippers.
Your guide will walk you thru the club and explain how the security locker works, where the locker room and showers are. Once you're out of your street clothes your guide will walk you thru the club and explain the way everything works. Women will almost always be present and usually totally nude with the exception of high heels. Most clubs have rules where as the women are not allowed to approach you unless you make the first move. Eye contact, smile, wave or call them over etc. Usually you'll need to take a seat next to your selection to let them know you're interested. It does NOT cost anything to sit with the women or watch them outside the private rooms. Try to imagine lounging around a huge estate with nude women everywhere. Food and drink is provided, relax take in the sites, swim, whirlpool or even a professional massage. Chat with friends of the group and check out all the eye candy. Club women are not shy, the lighting in the clubs is often natural and well lit. When you finally decide from a selection that can be as many as 120 women at one club the fun really begins.

More common questions and answer info HERE

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Updated June 5, 2010

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